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Tired of trying to ‘stay sweet?’

Join me for Not Sweet! a free 5-day ecourse and circle on being wholly and ferociously human by drawing in the savoury, salty, bitter and sour aspects of your womanhood.

Stuck in old uncomfortable stories about yourself?

Rewrite your tough and challenging personal stories with Personal Mythmaking, an 8-week course that unravels and reconfigures your ideas about yourself using creative writing, photography, embodiment exercises as well as fairytales and mythology.

Seeking a swift deep dive?

Plunge into 10-day flash intensives on subjects such as anger (anytime), grief (November) and bodylove (January).

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Read about inspiring creative folks in my luscious and soulful creatives series.

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Order a Devotional Painting.

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Visit me on Vancouver Island for hands-on healing work or as a creative-in-residence at my home and studio.

Get in touch. Tell me about the seeker in you. What you long for in your body. Your life. Your creativity. We'll make it happen.


bringing alive

What does it feel like to let yourself roar? Really roar, and feel the fierce knowingness that you carry in your bones come up and out? My experience has been that it feels like truth. Truth telling. Of opening up to a channel of clarity and strength that comes from...

Oh Valentine! A love letter to the world

Another good Sunday Morning, and it's also Valentines' Day! **It's here again, the day to celebrate love, in all it's forms. Because of that, I have no reason to write a new letter, when I have an always current love letter to the world to share.** It is said that...

fury forced into straight lines

For seven days two weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining a community of writers for a fast and furious (& free!) online writer's workshop. Writing in a no holds back community is such a joy. Liberated Lines: Amplify brought me back to my fierce love of writing....