Janelle Hardy

Memoirs. Embodiment. Creativity. Healing.

I believe we become whole when we reclaim our life stories, reconnect with our bodies and tap into our creativity.

I believe we heal and transform when we work with our personal mythologies instead of against them.

And so, I help people write their memoirs.

Janelle’s creative perspective & her way of teaching is gentle, loving & honest.

Barclay Martin

The Ou Gallery

You’re the kind of person who is concerned with self-knowledge. With impact. With your legacy. You have an uncommon passion for the aesthetic, the divine, the sensual.

You’re a curious person. Figuring things out, knowing the answers, seeking, these have all been the ways in which you’ve approached your life. But still, something seems missing, stuck, and despite your self-awareness and the strength of your intellect, you can’t figure it out.

Every single one of us encounters these moments, when, instead of striding on solid ground, you’ve stepped off the cliff’s edge into the abyss and discovered that there is nothing underfoot.

I serve you.

The person who is mid-leap, deeply aware of a need for change but not sure what’s next. The person who wants to befriend their body, reclaim themselves and tap into their own power and creativity.

This is an uncommon process.

Without shying away from the difficult, the painful or the grief-ridden, I help people heal from the stories they have about themselves and their bodies.

To heal from the stories their cultures impose on them.

To get spacious enough for growth, wholeness, joy and peace. To celebrate the shape of their lives.

Memoir-writing is a multi-layered gift, not only to yourself, but also to your descendants, the ones who will be so curious about who they come from.

Personal Mythmaking School

Heal and transform while getting the first draft of your memoir written with ease.

Four months to explore your culture, your family, your relationship to your body, and to write creatively. In community.

Memoir Writing Services

Write your lifestory. Or talk it.

Craft your memoir and leave a legacy in this devoted one-on-one process.

Devotional Paintings

This is creative magic imbued in a symbol-laden intuitive painting.

Art and healing devoted to you.


5 - 10 day Intensives

Short ecourses with optional online communities to cultivate self-leadership.

Learn and awaken with topics such as your grief, your anger, your ancestors and the darkness.

Writing & Conversation

Writing and telling stories unflinchingly. Honestly. Always with a good dose of curiosity, anthropology, embodiment, beauty and healing.

Women discuss their relationships with their bodies, their creativity, and their favourite fairytales. On the Wild Elixir Podcast.┬áIt’s deep and rich and a little bit magic.

If you’re exploring my site because you do similar work in the world, and you’re trying to figure out how to get your work out there and thrive, welcome.

I’ve been you. And sometimes I’m still you. Because of that I created a 3 hour workshop on DIY online marketing that will save you a TON of time and energy.

You’ll want to sign up, and you can do that here.

In Person Transformation

Hands-on touch.

Correcting posture and relieving pain through myofascial release, movement lessons and body awareness.

Hellerwork Structural Integration is deep, intense and long-lasting.

Creative Artists' Residency

Space and time to create, daydream, and dig into your creative practice, while also staying in a cosy environment (with us) and exploring the stunning Okanagan Valley in western Canada.