There is magic in our bodies

There is magic in our stories

There is magic in our creativity

There is magic in our intuition

Hi! My name is Janelle

I’m an artist and teacher caught up in the joy of living a creative life.

A severe case of curiosity and wanderlust drives me, my insatiable urge to create motivates me and raising a child on my own grounds me.

Seeking the mysteries of the unknowable – these spur on my explorations. Creative expression, in all it’s forms, keeps me clear, helps me share what I do, and is my driving force.

Learn & work with me

Work with me one-on-one. Creativity mentoring is all about learning how to let go and be more creative.

Order a Devotional Painting and experience being seen in a deep, profound and moving way through art, intuition and writing.

Develop a connection to your creativity and body with courses on touching and the senses (in Duncan, BC & Whitehorse, Yukon).

Connect with me in-person in Hearthome: circles for deepening and for hands-on healing work.

Make my art your art

As a practicing artist I have all sorts of art waiting for homes to brighten and illuminate.

Ongoing offerings include Devotional Paintings – unique intuitive guidance created from your heartfelt petition, and original art & prints.

Read my writing

Writing is one of my biggest passions.

I happily share stories on my blog and in my newsletter.

You’ll find letters and creative nonfiction on life, art and creativity. It’s all about being an artist, being embodied and any other fascinations I feel called to share with you.

I also interview creative people to inspire you in my luscious and soulful creatives series.

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bringing alive

What does it feel like to let yourself roar? Really roar, and feel the fierce knowingness that you carry in your bones come up and out? My experience has been that it feels like truth. Truth telling. Of opening up to a channel of clarity and strength that comes from...

Oh Valentine! A love letter to the world

Another good Sunday Morning, and it’s also Valentines’ Day! **It’s here again, the day to celebrate love, in all it’s forms. Because of that, I have no reason to write a new letter, when I have an always current love letter to the world to...

fury forced into straight lines

For seven days two weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining a community of writers for a fast and furious (& free!) online writer’s workshop. Writing in a no holds back community is such a joy. Liberated Lines: Amplify brought me back to my fierce love of...