School’s been out for a week, and work has been slow, which means I’ve been enjoying a week of fine weather and good company with my daughter.

Being 13, she’s at that cusp age where she’s too old for summer camps, but too young for a summer job (besides babysitting and dogwalking, which it turns out are keeping her busy!)

I’m determined this summer to slow my pace down and soak up her company, as life promises to increase in speed once autumn arrives.

Here’s to mastering the art of slowing down (even as I feel like there is so much to do around the house, like preparing for our artist residency guests, a trip to visit family, and the everloving neverending household chores).

On that note, I’ve compiled some pleasurable reading for you, until next week and a longer storytelling missive from myself.

In the midst of my own 100 day project (100 gouache portraits which you can see here,) I appreciate the perspective of this young woman who started doing a 100 day project of her own while dealing with cancer at the age of 22.

I LOVE hearing about people that use their fame for a good cause. Supermodel Karlie Kloss has created a coding camp for girls.

This artist creates unexpectedly located rooms, simultaneously delivering beauty and a social critique in the city. Fantastic!

And, ancient yet timely advice from a skeleton in Turkey. Enjoy your life.

Until next week,