Hi! How are things this morning?

Normally, this is the day I write one of my long stories, but I felt the urge to share some links in the post-Valentines hangover. They’re all about love, sex, secrets to the female body, and how self-knowledge and clear communication is so essential to love and pleasure that is healthy and sustainable.

First, a piece of my writing you may have come across before, my friend Amelia’s favourite, is a love letter to the world. I’m delighted it’s now published on Rebelle Society.

A great podcast on sexual chemistry. It made sense to me! By the way – the whole website is fantastic – how can it not be when it’s called Pleasure Mechanics?!?

This book is considered the bible of sex ed for women. Women’s Anatomy of Sexual Arousal. All men and women should know these basics. I’m embarrassed to admit, yet am also ok with admitting that so much of this book was a revelation to me. Get yourself a copy and discover how your sex life improves.

This is thought provoking – Michael Brown on Sexuality and Intimacy part 1 & part 2.

Finally, for a little more light-hearted fun – The First Mess. This foodie blog has fantastic recipes that I can eat (given that I’m on a restrictive protocol to heal my guts). Plus, although I’m not a raw foodist – I’m a total convert when it comes to raw desserts. They are decadent!

Soooooo, as always, I’m curious what you think of these links. Just hit reply and let me know.

Until next Sunday,


ps – I was profiled in a neat little series by The Story Bistro.