Good Sunday morning!

I have some diverse and fantastically interesting links for you today, all because they sparked my curiousity, interest and delight. I hope they do the same for you.

Although things have come a long way, equal pay for equal work is still not a reality for many in North America, and women still, consistently, make less than men for the same work. This fantastic pop-up shop has come up with a unique new way of addressing this disparity.

Two Canadian artists that consistently wow me with their unique eye and subtle political commentary collaborated. And then chatted about it. Check it out!

I love that this woman doesn’t make excuses for her diverse interests and careers. I have a similar range of interests, but I’ve often felt like I have to make explanations and apologies for the ways in which my interests don’t make sense to others. Listen to her talk. And then celebrate the polymath you are, or the ones you know.

As always, I’m curious. What did you think? What ideas grabbed you?