Sometimes, the walls themselves create all the beauty necessary to feed the soul. The art is already there.



These two images come from a photographic series I took years ago, all about the interplay of light and shadow on the surfaces around us on our walls, floors and windows. They’re meant to be seen as a diptych – side by side, but because of the format of this blog, I’ll have to be satisfied with the left hand side stacked on top of the right… I think that you get the picture though right?

I was so captivated by how the wintry northern light (up in the Yukon) played with such abandon upon the surfaces in my parents’ house.

These green images capture a stream of sunshiney light coming through some south-facing upstairs windows as they burst forth down the stairwell. The sunlight flooded the vibrant green colour on the walls and the different angles and levels of the walls and ceiling with a range of tonal qualities, all combining to transform a sometimes blah basement rec room with overly bright green walls into the most glorious and architectural of arrangements.

Beauty is everywhere! And the most amazing thing of all is that it just takes seeing it. If we slow down, linger and spend a moment to blink, shake our heads and step out of our ordinary ways of thinking and seeing, the world is freshly new, bright and beautiful.

How can we take those ways of seeing and apply them to our own selves, our own bodies, and our own lives? Seeing the beauty inherent in our selves, as we are, is a gift and blessing that can shift perspective when it’s really needed, when we are stuck in ruts that no longer serve us.

Try it. Look around at your walls. Look around at you. Look down at your hardworking and eloquent hands. Just notice what new discoveries you’ll make by seeing in a different way.