RC painting entryway nov 2013

I’ve been having fun really looking at the art that is on my walls. Looking, and exploring the nuances and feelings that emerge from developing a more considered and intimate relationship with each piece.

In my home I’ve had a lot of empty wall space, but I’ve been slowly bringing beauty in by borrowing art, creating art, and finding art. The entryway to my home and studio is now graced by this stunning original painting by local artist Rachel Cruse entitled Cowichan Warmlands, Cowichan Warm Hands. It really speaks to what I do, both as an artist, and as a deep-tissue massage bodyworker.

Integration is what I work with, and for me, being integrated involves not just the physical, but the emotional and mental. Art is such a great way to nurture the spirit, which in turns nurtures the body.

Enjoy this beauty and remember, if you fall in love, the painting is available for purchase from Rachel.