Janelle Hardy

Artist. Writer. Body and Soul Worker.

Janelle is so wise and so kind.

Renee Magnusson

Coach, Stylist, Writer, Renee Magnusson

This is one-on-one work to reconnect you to your body, your creative fire, your deep inner knowing.

Because you know you’re meant to feel fully and sublimely alive.

The Fully Committed Sessions

You’re all-in. You know you need some assistance getting out of creative block, learning kind and excellent self-care, and loving your body.

You’re right here and so ready to receive ideas, plans, support. You’re in it for the long haul. So let’s get started. I’m so excited to work with you.

You’ll get:

    • 6 months of coaching.
    • 2 one hour video calls per month.
    • 4 support e-mails per month (once per week)
    • homework.
    • $280 per month for 6 months.

The Kickstarter Sessions

You’ve got a sense of what you want and where you’re at, but you’re in need of a little guidance.

You want to be able to voice your challenges in a safe space, but you also want to be called on any *bs* storytelling that’s limiting your movement into positive change.

We’ll work together for three months, meeting once a month on a call, and in between with plenty of custom-for-you resources and homework. You’ve got it. You just need a little kickstart.

You’ll get:

        • 3 months of coaching.
        • 1 one hour video call per month.
        • 2 support e-mails per month (once per week)
        • homework.
        • $180 per month for 3 months.