Here on Vancouver Island life is bursting and blossoming and becoming more verdant all around me.

Spring is here, yet sometimes it feels more like summer – those hot, scorchy days with little wind, bright blue skies and heat beaming down from the blazing sun.

I’m loving it!

There are trees planted along the highway through town and avenues all over that are exploding into pink and white flower blossom pompoms, a blessing of love and beauty and fertility, finishing their gorgeous season of blooming with a dusting of tiny blossoms like snow over the ground, the cars, and all of us lucky humans that walk below them as the shedding starts, and the unfurling of leaves continues.

I found some great and fascinating brainy essays to share. It’s a pleasure I so enjoy – discoveries of thoughtful thinkers that open my mind and inspire me.

Esme Wang’s always brilliant, searingly honest writing about mental illness. Who gets to the be good schizophrenic?

Fascinating. The granddaughter of a Pakistan president discusses her father’s library.

An artist destroys his work as a protest. What do you think?

Emma Watson and bell hooks in conversation. Yes! So great.

Oh yes, and some eye-candy. This fashion designer satisfies the teenage version of myself that was absolutely obsessed with pretty super feminine dresses (and I confess at least half of me still prefers pretty dresses!)

Until next time,


ps – I’ve created a small artist residency program in my home. If you’re interested, or perhaps know someone seeking a warm family environment that also provides time and space to create, please pass it on.