The Bare Bones dance showcase

6:30 pm showing

$20 / ticket (+$0.60 paypal fee) This is a small and intimate dance show at Harmony Yoga Center in Duncan, BC. There are only 30 tickets available per show.

Most of the seating will be on the floor. So please bring a pillow for yourself!


The Bare Bones dance showcase

8:30pm showing

$20 / ticket (+$0.60 paypal fee) This is a small and intimate dance show at Harmony Yoga Center in Duncan, BC. There are only 30 tickets available per show.

Most of the seating will be on the floor. So please bring a pillow for yourself!

Limited tickets available for purchase at the door, doors open at 8pm.

About the Show

Born of a hunger to see contemporary dance in the valley, and knowing there are many fantastic dancers and choreographers living their quiet lives here, I decided that the best way to draw that talent out and share it was to create a small simple offering.
It’s the bare bones.
Each dancer has about 10 minutes, in a small and simple space, and the rest is entirely up to them. Join us for two sweet little showcases of the results, on March 5th.
ps – ALL proceeds are divided up equally between the dancers/creators. Every other part of this event is put together by donation.
Great appreciation goes to the following businesses for donating their space & time to this offering: Harmony Yoga Center, Adage Studio and Moondance Dynamic Arts School.

About the dancers

Marisa Jackson

As long as I  remember movement has been a catalyst, a valve, a volcano, home, food, connection, love, pain, vulnerability, joy, intimacy…in relationship with my body and the world.Training from a young age ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance seemed my daily bread. Growing up in Switzerland and being surrounded by personalities like the alps and the Mediterranean culture formed a landscape in me, that wanted to be shared in dance. After completing a movement-based theatre training my carrier took me all over Europe and opportunities to create and dance with choreographers, dancers, musicians, orchestras, actors, singers, painters and poets. Meeting Patrick and performing with contact improvisation  opened a new door for a  longing in authentic movement. Our first child, Khaya, made me slow down and a move to Ontario, Canada. Our second child, Fiamma, made us move to the west coast. And here I am, still longing for authentic movement and touch, as sense where the movement is born and how I am carrying it into the world, to be witnessed and shared. Continuing exploring with passion capoeira, 5 Rhythm, improvisation with Patrick, Sensitive Dance  in the Cowichan Valley Community.

Jude Wong

It’s been lovely and rich to find myself in this rendezvous with the dance studio after 6 years away. Delving deeply instead into the realms of cellular memory, body- and heart-centred therapies, my muse for Bare Bones has been to explore how these two approaches to movement may converge. It’s a long way from the pliers and tendus of my previous career … My dance career began here on the Island and led me to perform with LINK Dance (Gail Lotenberg), Aeriosa Dance (Julia Taffe) and in my own works as an independent artist in Vancouver, BC and Yukon Territory over the span of nearly 10 years. At the height of it all, I was producing guest-artist residencies, classes and performances with artists from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Europe, and creating and performing my own work in Vancouver and Whitehorse. In 2009, I was introduced to the work of Diane Roberts and the Arrivals Project – an embodied process for artists involving indigenous expression, cultural identity, and reclamation.  I went on to co-facilitate this process with Diane for over 7 years and have just completed work with her on an Arrivals website, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. Now studying psychology and anthropology at VIU, I am also continuing to train in indigenous- and body-based modalities, including The Way of Council, Family Constellations, Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy and Holotropic Breathwork. At the core of this path is a deep appreciation for personal and collective healing, the immense wisdom of the human body and the crucial role that authentic expression, ceremony, spirituality and community play in that process. Thanks to Janelle, Harmony Yoga, Adage Studio and Candace Ammerman for this opportunity to return, remember, explore and connect through movement.

Patrick Jackson

Body. Presence. Connection. These three have formed the thread I have woven through my adult life. From physical clowning and magic in the streets of South Africa to movement-based theatre training and performance in Switzerland, specialization in aerial dance, and a training in Shiatsu in Italy, the journey has been rich, so far. One of the largest impacts on my experience of the sense and purpose of movement was through Sensitive Dance, developed by Claude Coldy, in Italy and France. The combination of deep listening, witnessing and being with humans and other natural phenomena (trees, the horizon, roots, etc) massively enriched me as a person and left me with fundamental questions about the role of performance and “dance” as an aesthetic framework. The other pivotal influence on my dance was working with Marisa during a movement research project with Compagnie Obviam Est (a Dance Theatre company, in the tradition of Pina Bausch). This opened a doorway to a level of play and effortless flow that was a revelation to me. Our journey as dancers, partners, man and women, continues to be rich, scary and profoundly rewarding. The movement themes and research right now revolves around the personal and universal levels of connection and intimacy. With most of my time and energy involved in the tow-trucking, it is a joy to have this opportunity to work with Marisa and the other members of the Bare Bones. The 5 Rhythms offerings of Chantel Foss and Shauna Devlin continue to offer a way to stay embodied, and capoeira with Hilary and Kuan helps keep me fit and in a state of play.

Candace Ammerman

As a performer, I always felt both supremely alone in myself onstage at the same time as feeling a powerful and uplifting sense of connectedness. All those audience people want to share this moment, this effort, this transformation. Astonishing! Getting there took some work: I began ballet at age 8, got to study with Ballet Russes principal dancer Alan Howard and American Ballet Theater regisseur Dimitri Romanoff and other very wise, kind, and exacting teachers in California and Arizona. Performing in Labanotation reconstructions of works by Doris Humphrey, Helen Tamiris and Lucas Hoving gave me the chance to meet these masters in practice if not in the flesh-well, I did get to work directly with Lucas- but my primary mentors and dear ones, other than my former-dancer husband, are Cliff Keuter and Elina Mooney, both of whom came from directing dance companies in New York. If only I could have another thirty years performing their works! I retired from performing in 2011 when I and my husband and kitties moved from Arizona here to Canada to enjoy being with my sister and her family. I’ve done a few other things: earned two Master’s degrees in dance (one is an MA, the other an MFA); directed a company for nine years; choreographed works for students and other dance companies; and taught ballet, modern dance and dance history in colleges and universities as well as numerous dance studios since 1976. I decided to study Pilates and after graduating a program directed by Michele Larsson and becoming PMA certified, have tried to add Joe Pilates’ wisdom to that of all my other marvellous teachers. How lucky I am!

Janelle Hardy

Janelle Hardy is from the Yukon and currently lives in Duncan, where she works as a Hellerwork Structural Integrator, carpenter, workshop teacher and artist. She has choreographed and performed for the Toronto Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists, Canada Winter Games and Society of Yukon Dance Artists, and most recently presented Devotional Dance Paintings at the 2015 Whitehorse Nuit Blanche art festival. To learn more, see her About page.

Lynn Weaver

Lynn has been dancing all her life and loves sharing her passion for dance. She is an educator, performer, director, and advocate of human potential. Her training includes Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, University of Calgary, and studying with master dancers of Les Ballet Africains, Percussion de Guinea, and Ballet Saamato. She has studied extensively across a range of disciplines, specialising in Cultural Dance, specifically West African Dance and Drumming. Her recent choreography and performance work includes Tribe of One, Coco Jafro, and the Art House Collective. Lynn owns and operates MoonDance Dynamic Arts School, and is Chair of Matoto Multicultural Arts Society. She reaches broad audiences to share the Arts and cross-cultural understanding. S he collaborates regularly with Power of Hope, Canada World Youth, Cowichan Intercultural Society, and other leadership groups on Vancouver Island and abroad. Lynn is co-founder of Inspire! Shawnigan: Arts, Culture, and Heritage Society.

Nadia Boucher

For Nadia dancing has always been one of the most profound and intense ways of exploring and challenging herself, and the aliveness, mystery, and potential of life. Inspired and encouraged through her work with explorers such as Crystal Pite, Margie Gillis, Wen Wei Wang, Amber Funk Barton, Constance Cooke, and Cori Caulfield. Nadia’s intention is to investigate her movement with curiosity and enjoyment focusing on authenticity, connection, texture, depths and surfaces.