DIY marketing - a jam packed workshop on how to get more visible on the cheap and free side of things

Attention fellow artists, creators, healing arts practitioners, solo-preneurs and creatives

I’ve spent a great deal of time and a lot of money ‘figuring out’ how to set myself up online and market my services and skills.
I wish I’d had someone sit me down and share what I’m offering you:

A 3 hour live fast-paced online course in which I’ll go over ALL the things that you might need to know, want to know, have no idea you needed to know, and more, in order to be able to:

  • set up a good-looking DIY website (cheap or free) and write copy that explains who you are and what you do succintly
  • set up and use a newsletter list
  • use social media effectively (facebook & instagram & linkedIN)
  • create your own graphics online for free (and with ease)
  • find free imagery online to use
  • use facebook groups effectively
  • take halfway decent photos (there are some easy hacks)
  • build community around your work
  • network (and networking for introverts)
  • create simple and easy ecourses
  • receive payment/use paypal buttons and invoices
  • create and implement marketing plans for in-person and online connection that don’t break the bank or your heart
  • case studies: examples of amazing instagram creators and healers (dancers, visual artists, poets, etc) that have built followings and careers out of their consistent, considered yet also carefree offerings
  • podcast (if that’s your thing – and it’s mine, so I have all the DIY info you’ll need)

I just wanted to tell you how amazing the workshop was. Seriously! For the amount of information and resources you gave us and for such a solid 3 hours, for $45?! Honestly, I think that out of all the various workshops and retreats I have attended, that was by far the most value for the cost. Totally, totally, totally worth it.

All of your suggestions were practical, and easy, and low-cost, and motivating most of all… for once I feel like it’s not only possible for me to get a handle on this, but that I might even (shock and awe) have a chance of being successful once I do it. It’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with a lot of information but your approach was so uplifting and casual.

Not to mention I love listening to your voice, you’re very warm and soothing!

Marissa Brown

Sexual Health Educator

I must say how impressed I was by your very informative videocall workshop.

Whew!! You did a ton of work putting it together, and tons and tons of hours in getting, using, and evaluating the resources and sites that you offered! The reinforcement of simplicity and consistency was the biggest takeaway.

Norman Holler

Rolfing® Structural Integration Practitioner

You’ll get a super comprehensive overview of all the useful things you need to know and do as a person starting out and trying to create, share, and make a living.

The internet is brilliant. It’s also hard to find this information when you’re limited by time and/or money and/or knowing which of all the resources out there are actually useful, let alone which are ethical, so you can market without feeling Icky All Over.
There are SO many things I can go over. It definitely can’t all be fit into 3 hours, but we can fit in A LOT, and I craft the workshop based on participants’ answers to my questionnaire – you get to tell me what you feel you need most help with – I incorporate that into the workshop plan.

You’ll leave the workshop with a solid knowledge base about what’s important, useful and helpful, and what is nonsense and worth avoiding.

I guarantee this will save you hours and hours of scouring the internet, and most likely, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars wasted on ecourses that promise big results and underdeliver drastically.

3 hours – $45 dollars Canadian – via live videocall

(you’ll need an internet connection to participate)

Saturday March 17th, 10am-1pm Pacific Standard Time 

You can pay via the paypal button below and if you’re Canadian you can also pay via interac e-transfer (just contact me to arrange this)
 You get input into what I teach – after you’ve paid please wait for the next page to load – it’ll have a questionnaire where you can let me know what you already know and don’t know, and what you’d really like to learn…
You’ll also get PLENTY of resource sheets so you can keep learning on your own.

But wait! That day and time doesn’t work for me. That’s ok. I teach this workshop semi-regularly.

Who is Janelle?

My name is Janelle Hardy and I’m a born and raised Yukoner (34 of my 39 years) as well as a published writer with a BA in Anthropology, an MA in Dance and a Diploma in Hellerwork Structural Integration. I’ve worked as a research assistant at Yukon Archives, as a teacher and teaching assistant at various colleges and universities, doing hands-on bodywork and I’vev taught creative writing and healing workshops online and in person.

What this means for you is that I’ve got an uncommon ability to listen deeply, ask useful questions, see patterns, draw threads together and do my research.

I’m also a visual artist (painting – you can see my Devotional Painting service here, and my portraiture project here) with a particular passion for family albums, photography and the many stories that our personal photos tell.

As a self-employed healing arts practitioner, creator and teacher I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of learning how to present myself and market myself in-person AND online. I’ve spent, literally, thousands of dollars learning how to do this, and a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation/Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this workshop. However, you can always give the spot to another person, or apply the fee as a credit to a later workshop (if you notify me in advance of this workshop).

What do I need?

Download Zoom. I use a videocall platform called Zoom, so you’ll also have to download that to your computer/ipad/smartphone. This is free and quite simple to do, but give yourself time to do so in advance of the workshop.

When I send you the videocall link, you’ll be prompted through the steps to install Zoom on your device. It usually takes less than 5 minutes.


How are you qualified to do this work?

I’ve spent the last 3 years learning these things. Lots of time and money. I’m interested in teaching this workshop to alleviate some of the frustration I felt. You’ll be getting much more than your money’s worth, I can assure you.