How has your weekend been so far?

I’ve been recovering from chaperoning my daughter’s school trip. It was an exciting rite of passage for her and her 11-year old classmates as they competed against other Waldorf schools in their Greek Olympics. Whew! I don’t have that kind of energy anymore, but it was incredible to watch the children’s passion and drive in action.

This morning I have some links that are all about pleasure – layering paper to make beautiful art, kissing, people confident in their fashion sense, and the pleasure of being in forests.

One of my favourite news sources talks about one of my favourite activities (for when I feel unsettled): forest bathing.

Click here to see an absolute favourite collage artist of mine.

I just love the street style fashion that The Sartorialist captures. Confident men and women wearing what they please, and pulling it off with enviable ease.

The Art of Kissing: A 1936 Guide for Lovers has many sweet, odd and lovely illustrations and descriptions.

Let me know what you think!

Until next time,