How are things going for you? Are you entering into a busy phase?

I sure am!

I’m been so occupied the last few days by a workshop I’m taking called Learning to Touch. It’s all about learning to touch by connecting first with our hands, then learning the four different kinds of touch, then exploring what consent actually means.

As if that’s not enough, we then practice how to apply those concepts to ourselves, relationships, how we communicate, and in my case, how I work with my Hellerwork Structural Integration clients.

The workshop is truly turning me inside out, in the best ways I can think of. To give you a taste of it, watch this video from my teacher to discover how to take pleasure with your hands. It’s absolutely worth the 14 minutes (scroll down once you get to the website to see it).

Here’s another kind of pleasure – watching this wind map of the United States. Mesmerizing.

This artist knows how to commit and stick to it. Check out this interview on August Wren, who did a sketchbook painting a day for a year! And shared on Instagram.

Aaaaaaand, for some subtle, sexy movement fun, check out this short and sweet dance video.

Soooooo, as always, I’m curious what you think of these links. Just hit reply and let me know.

Until next Sunday,