It’s hard to believe it’s almost December.

And, it’s hard to believe that I am still, constantly, astonished by how time zooms by, at how the seasons keep changing, at how life constantly carries on.

Why is it that I am surprised by the natural rhythms of life, as if I expect to be somehow exempt, and immune, from the sense that life is simultaneously living through me as well as passing me by?

Perhaps it’s because I so often have more ideas and projects that I am able to fit into the time that I have. So I am left feeling as if I’m a few steps behind myself, a few steps behind the pace I’ve desired.

Whatever it is, the days and weeks flow on by as if in a dream, and here I find myself, tapping out these words, hoping to connect with you.

In terms of connecting, I discovered this beautiful website that’s all about helping people coordinate the caring-ness of making sure loved ones in need get fed. Check out the Mealtrain. It’s a neat creation.

I’m absolutely enchanted by these dreamy soulful portraits.

If you like the intuitive symbolism inherent in Tarot cards, you’ll enjoy Tarot Goddess. You can even do your own mini readings on the website, using classic or Goddess decks. It’s eerily insightful and accurate, in my experience.

Where do I get my ideas? Well, from all over the web. Including this website that specializes in commissioning limited editions of American made artisan crafted beauty. I have a tie dyed canvas and leather bag I bought off them, which I love so much it’s falling apart. I also love their weekly newsletter, a simple list of 10 inspiring ideas/stories/websites. Sometimes i share their discoveries with you guys. Go ahead and check them out.

What ideas have been sparked from these ideas and resources I’ve shared? Let me know, I’m always interested.


Ps – are you in the Cowichan Valley area, and searching for a holiday gift for yourself or someone else?

The next Hearthome circle, coming in January, is all about Honouring the Darkness.
Following our longest night at winter solstice, this is a 22-day journey into the dark and quiet spaces.

Honouring the Darkness is a deep dive into your relationship with darkness. Aloneness. Nurturance. It’s an exploration of stories and mythology that honour the times of retreat, the spaces that are sacred.