On the second day of November, I’m wondering how you’re feeling? Do you celebrate Halloween or some other version of Samhain?

I find there is such a sweetness to this strange festival, particularly with children. Spending time carving pumpkins, planning costumes, participating in community events, it’s all so strange and pleasurable.

And as an adult, the costume and dressup parties are SUCH an opportunity to let loose and try on different roles. Fun!

These links have a little more bite to them. Considering it’s just after All Hallow’s Eve, I think it’s quite fitting.

“Women, made of moonlight magic and macabre…” at moment 5:25. This statement is pure poetry. Get fired up by this woman’s fantastic fury as she digs into why women bleed, and why men need to really get this. Righteous fury is a beautiful thing. I am not joking when I say the hairs on my body were standing up straight for her entire monologue.

I’m living in the slow food capital of Canada. Organic farmers and farmer’s markets about. Food security is a widely discussed term here. So the caustic bite of this McSweeney’s rant gave me a giggle.

Discard everything that does not spark joy, but thank the objects for their service. Given that I’m feeling the need to purge encroaching clutter, the quirkiness of this clutter expert is welcome. My guiding questions for purging: If it’s not beautiful, not useful, and you have more than one of them, get rid of it.

And, some joyful beauty to round things out. Bright and happy and totally bizarre landscapes.

Let me know what you think, and until next Sunday,