How is life treating you this autumn? Well I hope!

I’m finding a new rhythm now that we’ve welcomed an exchange student into our family, and it’s actually quite lovely. Having another young person in the house gives my daughter someone else to connect with, and keeps me a little more engaged in creating a fulfilling family life in the evenings and on the weekends.

Hosting an exchange student feels a lot like receiving visitors – it pushes me to explore my area more – so we’re also getting out and enjoying the sights and experiences that, without that catalyst, I’d usually put off to another time.

Some links that are provoking consideration and thought in me this week:

A brief little treatise on being less flaky and more devoted.

A fascinating essay on the history and recent co-opting of clothing brand Madewell, by J. Crew, and how the author both cares, and doesn’t care, about his great-grandfather’s legacy.

A dear friend shared this cooking blog and recipe with me years ago. I still circle back to the delicious strangeness of paprika, tomato sauce and eggs. Plus, the name! Shakshuka. I just love saying it. Letting it roll around on my tongue.

And, Stephanie Levy used to offer all sorts of dreamy collage arts workshops. I sure hope she starts offering them again soon…

Let me know what you think,


ps – Halloween is coming up. Do you celebrate? How do you plan to? My latest Letters From Vancouver Island, in the mail now, shares some Halloween goodness.