I’m wondering how all of your summers are going?

I know that for myself, and those of us with kids, there is a crisp demarcation framed by when school is out, and it has such an impact on routines. When you don’t have kids, do you still feel this shift? I wonder. I suppose I’ll find out in a few years when she is out of school and living her own life.

In the meantime, it’s a carved out shift in routines, and it’s been pleasant so far, partially because of my decision to work part time and keep my daughter closer to home.

However, we are about to step into more adventures – acting camp for her in Vancouver, then some time visiting family up in the Okanagan, where I’ll also teach my Connecting Through Touch workshop.

After the Okanagan visit I get to explore the Gulf Islands a little, landing on Texada Island to offer a shortened half day version of my full-day Connecting Through Touch workshop for the Diversity Music Festival.

By the way, I love traveling and I’m happy to travel to offer my workshops further afield – just hit reply and let me know if you’re interested in hosting me.

So, today is a day of preparations and rest before we spend the next 2-3 weeks roaming about.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday, too. For now, I’ve compiled three excellent and thoughtful reading diversions for you till my longer letter next week.

On the wildness of children. Given that it’s summer, this essay seems most appropriate, and thoughtfully written.

Life is getting more and more expensive, and people are feeling the crunch. Yes. Me too. The Atlantic has fantastic writing – and this one doesn’t hold any punches as it discusses ways people are trying to ameliorate the crunch, and how those strategies are sometimes part of the bigger problem they’re trying to fix.

Finally, a fantastic essay on how to pay attention. With ideas and suggestions.

Let me know what you think, I’m always interested! Until next week,


ps – I’m working away on a 10 day flash intensive, called Honouring Your Anger.

And I’m curious – if you were do to a short intensive course on anger, what would you want to address? What would you want to know more about? Please let me know.