It is smoking hot here in the Cowichan Valley. To the point of feeling like sweat is squeezing out of me as my flesh is melting down my limbs, and I am in need of more than one cold shower a day.

This heat wave pounced a few days ago, after several weeks of unseasonably cool weather. Everyone is walking in slow motion, and no one sleeps without a fan in their room.

My daughter’s friend just arrived from up north for a visit, and we’re welcoming our Artist in Residence later today, and my mom is also coming soon for a visit. It feels like a fantastic way to finish out our last two weeks of August.

I hope your August is feeling good too.

I’ve found a few bits of media to enjoy your Sunday with:

A TED talk on what really matters at the end of life. From a palliative care physician.

A bit of listening: this gal has a radio-worthy voice and a dreamy style of storytelling: The Food Podcast.

This favourite meal was introduced to me by an old friend. I love to say it: Shakshuka. And I love to cook it.

Let me know what you think, I’m always interested! Until next week,


ps – Personal Mythmaking: rewriting yourself into wholesness and joy. The 8 week journey starts September 26th. I’d love to see you there!