Personal Mythmaking School

write your memoirs, reclaim yourself

Because you get to choose the stories that define you.

A 15 week online course in which you write your memoir as you explore and rewrite your own personal stories. This is creative, embodied transformative work. By the end you’ll feel more connected to yourself, your body and your creativity and you’ll have the first draft of your memoir written.

There is an bonus (and optional) memoir-building process following the 15 weeks.

When: February 19th – June 1st, 2018 (to June 8th if you do the final (and optional) memoir-building process)

How: via weekly themed videocall and e-mail lessons filled with writing, creativity and embodiment prompts as well as a facebook group for community connection.

You get lifetime access to this course and will always be invited back into each new round.

Cost: $997 CAD

Imagine having the space and guidance with which to ask yourself questions about your own life path.

Questions like: Who am I? Where and what do I come from? What has shaped me? Are the stories I tell myself actually true? How can I reclaim myself and own my stories?

What would happen? What would change?

Rewriting & retelling

This is about seeing yourself as the catalyst of transformation. About redefining the dark night of the soul to slice through the negative stories you tell about yourself so your clear and courageous story can shine through.

Give yourself the gift of freedom to learn and explore in a playful non-judgmental space.

To be held and witnessed within a circle of people who are willing to ask these questions of themselves, and of you.

Starting February 19th, 2018: 15 weeks of exploring & unearthing

Let’s find new perspectives and shed new light on the ancient stories you tell yourself. We’ll work our way through old stories with creative writing and embodiment prompts to rebuild a personal story that feels right.

Janelle is a conscious and thoughtful teacher/facilitator and she has developed a course that is abundant with opportunities for personal exploration, insights and new ways of understanding one’s life story and personal themes.
It helped me to unify many aspects of my personal past (lots of “ah -ha” moments) that inform who I am in the present.
I think anyone could take this class and get something out of it. Well worth it and very enjoyable.
Mandy T.


This is a fun class. It got me writing effortlessly; it explored subjects and angles in writing (and creativity) that were new and expansive.
Mandy T.


Imagine doing transformational work that is deep as well as playful.

It’s possible to be intense in your personal work while also being playful, lighthearted and embracing your body and yourself as-is.

Imagine getting the first draft of your memoir written with ease and support.

Personal Mythmaking provides the space to get silly, be outrageous, and build up your own forcefield of radical acceptance. It provides the space to to fully express your anger, grief and shame, to explore and discuss deep cultural prejudices and transform your own narratives.


If you’d like to swiftly access details on scheduling, $$ and payment details, just scroll to the bottom of this page.

During our Personal Mythmaking journey we’ll create an unwaveringly solid and powerful foundation of self-knowledge.

We’ll nurture an awestruck, fluid and loving connection to your body.

And we’ll open a wellspring of creativity so meltingly passionate that by the end of the three months you’ll feel renewed, powerful and completely and wholly your own.

But first, let me tell you a little story about myself.

Hi. I’m Janelle Hardy. Once upon a time, not so long ago, I thought I had life figured out.

I was driven to earn academic degrees, raise my daughter on my own and pursue artistic and career goals that now exhaust me to even think about. My body was exhausted, I had chronic fatigue and I kept trying to out-think creative block, exhaustion and perfectionistic goals while enduring a sharply cruel self-talk process that left me feeling shredded and hateful towards myself.

Crisis piled on top of crisis until the many lessons life was driving at me finally sank in, and I learned how to question what I thought about myself, I learned how to inhabit, honor and be kind to my physical body, and I learned how to work through creative block and stop expecting perfection.


I don’t live in ‘once upon a time’ anymore and I don’t think I have it figured out but I do have some excellent tools for feeling more joy, ease and wholeness in life, and I love sharing them.

This is what I know.

Questioning my own personal mythology has taken me down the most incredible paths.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been enchanted by fairytales, mythology and the natural world. What I didn’t start questioning until later was the usefulness and truth of the stories I’d been learning.

Stories I was taught by my culture. About being a girl and woman. About the ways in which we believe our bodies and selves are somehow less-than or shameful.

Stories I was taught in my family, about who I was and my role in the family and what stories were precious and sacred. Stories about what was right and wrong, and most of all, rigid ancestral and familial stories.

When I finally started questioning these deeply seated beliefs about who I was, who my family was, what I had soaked up from my culture and most importantly of all, whether I believed in it anymore is when I finally started healing my spirit, my body, and my heart.

For me, the most effective ways of questioning and transforming have not come from the intellectual processes.

As deeply as I have loved my academic studies in anthropology and dance and bodywork, the best kinds of writing, unraveling and personal exploration come from exploring stories and fables with a deepening into my body and a light-hearted opening to the everyday beauty we have access to all around us.

Learning and healing through creative play; writing, painting, daydreaming. Through movement.

Dancing, running, walking, tumbling (with my daughter when she was young).

Through connecting, with the weird, the wonderfully deep, the exquisitely eccentric, the enfoldingly maternal, with all the people who are not afraid to be their essential and singular selves.

ps – the woman in that picture – she’s my mother’s mother. Unraveling the mysteries surrounding her, her ancestors, her marriage, her parenting, it’s been one of the great catalysts in my work. We’ll have some fun with your ancestors and family photos in this course too.

This 4-month journey is for people who are seeking more joy, groundedness and wholeness as well as a deeper connection to their bodies and their creativity.

Each weekly lesson includes:

A theme & a story

Each weekly theme is supported by a story or myth or fairytale (audio & print)

A unique teaching

To help you understand and deepen into the weekly theme (audio & print)

An anatomical bodylove visualisation

Designed to bring you into relationship with your physical self (audio)

Writing prompts for your memoir

Creative, playful and thoughtful, these writing prompts deepen you into greater understanding (and are designed to support writing your memoir/life story)

Individual witnessing

Regular, focused, devoted to you (in the secret facebook group)

Resources list & videocall

Extra resources for learning and deepening (print) + weekly group videocalls

How do we rewrite our personal mythologies?

With stories to deepen into the hungry, the juicy and the soulful.

Because stories are our teachers, and I know you’ve got a few favourites.

Favourite myths, fairytales, folk legends. There are reasons why you love these stories. You’ve also got some stories about yourself, and I bet not all of them are kind or good. But they stick around, tripping you up as you live your life.

With themes to guide our explorations.

Themes that act as memory prompts, as lens, as different facets with which to draw out your stories.

With community to connect with and learn from.

Because you’re hungry to lean in, to explore and to be in the company of like-minded souls. You’ve arrived at the right place.

This is an ecourse that is also a circle. When we gather together, sharing our knowledge, listening and truly hearing others, learning from each other and taking the risk to express our deepest longings, pains and joys, we triumph over fear. Adversity. Isolation.

Perplexed? Unsure? You’ll find Frequently Asked Questions at the very bottom of this page. Or just get in touch with me.

With creative writing and photo prompts to get unblocked creatively and start rewriting your personal mythology.

Because it doesn’t feel good to be in a creative rut, feeling flat and blocked. We’ll spark ideas and inspiration in new and different ways.

Mostly, we do this through creative play, to explore the sore and tender spots, to connect with the beautiful and hopeful spots. Creative play to reconnect with the juicy and joyous so that you become wholehearted and open.

With embodiment prompts to bring you into relationship with your senses and your physical self.

Because you’ve been so hungry to connect with your body in a positive open-hearted way.

Because your body has a lot to teach you through the felt senses of touch, sight, taste, smell and sound. Movement too. Because tuning into the body helps us tune into our creativity with more ease and inspiration.

This is what personal mythmaking is all about.

So that, by the end of our time together, you’ve got a rewritten story about yourself, a deeper connection with your creative spirit and your physical body, and a renewed sense of inspiration and delight.

This is about healing, transformation and discovery.

About feeling like you’re enough.

About deep inner knowing because you can’t out-think or out-talk your challenges.

About stepping into a loving and kind relationship with your amazing body. About cracking open creative flow.

This is about rewriting yourself and your life into beauty, wholeness and joy.

What a journey you took us on.

I was so amazed at how beautifully our stories came together, and how healing the process was. I loved the prompts. I loved the accountability, and I loved the embodiment exercises.

And to top it all off I left with an amazing reframe of my life so far on this planet, clarity about why I’m here, and how to use my story to connect to people – specifically my audience.  What a gift!

Dr. Tonia Winchester

Naturopathic Physician

Weekly Syllabus

Week 1 - mapping your lifestory

We’ll start by building a timeline of your life, examining themes, rites of passage and pivotal moments.

This provides a framework for your memoirs and transformative work.

Week 2 - the stories (lies) we tell ourselves

We explore the power of stories, and how the stories we tell ourselves shape our reality.

We’ll identify our favourite stories (fairytales/myths) and start working with them.

Week 3 - ancestors, lineage and family mythology

Who do you come from? And who did they come from? What stories were passed down and which were covered up? What is truth, what is untruth, and what is simply an unneeded burden?

This week we also work with the fairytale The Red Shoes.

Week 4 - rest and integration

A week to catch up on previous lessons and integrate your creative work.

Week 5 - food and culture

We explore the essential basics of nourishing our sense of connection and our physical bodies this week.

How did you share and create food in your family? And in your culture(s)?


Week 6 - place and space

Mountains. Water. Sky. Seasons. Our physical environment shapes us, as does the physical environment of where our ancestors come from.

Week 7 - body stories

Facing body shame, developing body love and radical acceptance.

Engaging your sense of touch in order to more fully inhabit your body. It’s time to make it happen.

Week 8 - rest and integration

A week to catch up on previous lessons and integrate your creative work.

Week 9 - fury, envy and judgment

Shadow and light and radical acceptance.

Blessing the good, winking at the bad, we invite it all in and rewrite our personal challenges and assumptions.


Week 10 - heroes and goddesses

The people we admire have a lot to teach us.

This week we work with your heroes by exploring celebrity, archetypes and goddess energy. Juicy, potent and enriching.


Week 11 - ideas of beauty & attractiveness

Cultural ideas about femininity, masculinity and beauty. We get to decide what to believe, and what to discard.

Let’s explore, unpack and reconstruct so that beauty is not the behaviour we’re expected to perform, but the state we want to live in.


Week 12 - rest and integration

A week to catch up on previous lessons and integrate your creative work.

Week 13 - villains

Who is your nemesis? What villains do you despise? What character traits in yourself do you hate?

This week we use your top 3 myths/fairytales/pop culture icons/real-life nemesis. Not to villainize so much as to humanize. This is integrative shadow-work.

We also work with the legend of Medusa.


Week 14 - language and the senses

What is your mother tongue? How has it shaped you? Language determines the stories we tell, how we think and how we experience the world. As do our senses.

What about music? Touch? Art? Taste? What was fulfilled? What was missing?


Week 15 - longing and expectations - a love letter to self

In which we get real about what we want, what we love, and start telling ourselves a new story, using the writing material we’ve worked with so far.


And did I mention the memoir-building bonus?

After week 15 we have some optional extra time to take all of your creative writing prompts and build your memoir: Celebrating the storyteller/writer within you. The story rewritten (on the way to being rewritten) – what will you share?

How will you celebrate? What has been unearthed?

It’ll be a beauty-full party!

Practical Details

Duration: 15 weeks (+ an optional bonus memoir-building section)

+ lifetime access to this course.

When: February 19th to June 1st, 2018

End result: – transformation, healing and 12,000+ words towards the first draft of your personal memoir and/or documentation of this healing journey

Cost: $997 CAD (payment buttons at the bottom of this page)


  • 11 themed lessons containing the week’s learnings, delivered every Monday morning
  • 4 integration weeks to catch up on memoir-writing prompts and rest
  • 15 weekly group videocalls
  • 11 audio stories
  • 100+ creative writing prompts
  • 8+ guided body explorations (audio)
  • 7+ visual inspiration boards
  • connection in a secret facebook group
  • weekly individual witnessing from Janelle
plus, 3+ surprise expert guest interviews, tailored towards each group’s needs.
  • (the bonus (and optional) memoir-building videocall will be for 3 hours, scheduled after week 15)

Telling your story and transforming it means knowing yourself and your lineage deeply. It’s in-the-body and it’s imaginative because healing and transformation are not intellectual rational talk processes.

This embodied Personal Mythmaking process is all about:

  • writing the first draft of your memoir with ease.
  • using creative writing prompts to open up the imagination and open up possibilities.
  • using body-based prompts to reconnect you to your body, your imagination and your inner wisdom.
  • exploring ancient stories and fairytales to reconnect you to a deeper collective and cultural wisdom.

Healing and transformation don’t come from traditional talk therapy and out-thinking our problems. If they did we’d already, as a culture, have solved all our problems.

And here’s why – it’s because healing and transformation are actually body-based imaginative processes.

We’re on a journey that begins with deep self and inner knowledge and you can’t think your way into it. Your body, your creativity and your intuition have to lead the way. This is a venue for that.

Janelle is a guardian of your sacred truth, and will create a safe space to play, know, understand, and emote. She will bring out your inner guide and create new pathways for success, love, and abundance.

She is a delight to work with, sharing deep, provocative writing and embodiment exercises peppered with giggles and heart-catching anecdotes. She will transform your life.

Dr. Tonia Winchester

Naturopathic Physician

Two groups of people tend to participate.

The first group is people who are on a path of healing and self-actualization.

They tend to do Personal Mythmaking as a way of accessing their inner knowledge for transformation and healing.

The second group is people who want to write their memoirs in a guided and supportive process.

They are regular people, creatives, writers and artists who have been harbouring a desire to write their life story.

Whether you want to write your memoir or not, Personal Mythmaking School is a rich process of healing and transformation. It is a thing of beauty.

Together we’re going on a journey into why your story matters and how reimagining and experiencing your world through your body is transformative and important.

Together we create healing in our own lives and produce the first draft of your life story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you qualified to teach me?

I have a great deal of teaching experience, both one-on-one as a writing tutor and Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioner (movement and body awareness) as well as being a teaching assistant at York University, and teaching literature at Yukon College. I’ve also taught children and adults various workshops on creative and the creative arts.

I have a passion for teaching adults, and have also taught groups and couples workshops on touch, communication and consent. To learn more about my background, just visit my About page.

Do I have to participate in the facebook group?

Not at all. I have students that do participate in the facebook group, and students that don’t. Both feel well served by this course.

You are most welcome to do this course by e-mail only, and as a solitary practice. Consider though that the beauty of joining in with a community is the shared experience. Often, a great deal of learning happens in the exchange between fellow participants, as well as friendships and a sense of fellowship.

However, please know that facebook sharing is ENTIRELY optional.

Do I have to be a writer/artist to take this course?

No. This course is not a professional writing course. Instead, it uses writing prompts (along with embodiment and photography prompts) to assist you in getting out of your head and into a state of connecting and seeing and reframing your experiences.

But will my writing improve if I take this course?

Yes. All of the prompts are designed to give you practice in bypassing your rational intellectual mind, and accessing your intuitive storytelling creative self more directly. A great side effect if this kind of work (if you do your homework!) is that your creativity will start to flow, as will your creations. This includes your writing.

How much time will it take?

Ultimately, you decide how much time you spend on each exercise (and of course – the more you dig in and commit to the process, the more you’ll get out of it).

Plan on a couple hours per week minimum to listen to and absorb the material. However, if you choose to dig into the options for deepening, and participate in the facebook group, about 30 minutes a day is reasonable to expect.

If you want to get your memoirs written down in this 4 month timeframe I recommend devoting regular writing time to this process – I suggest setting aside 4 hours a week.


How does the class work?

You’ll get an email every Monday, which will contain the week’s lesson. This will be followed up in the facebook group with brief posts on Wednesday and Friday – options for deepening into Monday’s weekly e-mail.

We will have weekly group videocalls as well.

What will I get out of this class?

You’ll get a deeper sense of your self, and an ability to revisit and reframe the difficult narratives/stories you’ve been telling about yourself.

You’ll have an excellent set of tools at your disposal for when you get stuck in uncomfortable stories about yourself.

You’ll have a beautiful written story about your own life by the end of the class, and the way it comes out and is framed will surprise you, in the best ways possible.

Do you have a payment plan for this course?

Yes. I have a few different payment options available to make this course accessible. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to explore what works best for you and initiate payment.

Do you offer refunds?

No. You get lifetime access to this course, and before you sign up you have many opportunities to connect with me in a free and cheaper way to assess whether my approach suits you before you sign up for Personal Mythmaking. To have a conversation with me, you can contact me here.

This course is an opportunity to start making change. It’s a scary proposition, even when it’s desired, and can be very easy to sabotage. It’s designed for you to experience growth and it’s also designed to be really enjoyable, and offer opportunities to connect and be witnessed by myself and a circle of like-minded people (in the secret facebook group).

If you’d like to get a sense of my style, please sign up for my free 5-day prose ecourse first (for women).

Please consider deeply that this is a course that’s meant to be participated in. If you’re that kind of person, I’m already excited to be working with you. If you’re not all-in, please, wait to sign up for a time when you are.

The only time I offer a refund is if I’ve made a grave error, or there are extenuating circumstances in your life (big ones).

What does lifetime access mean?

Lifetime access means that once you’ve purchased this course you’re welcome to participate every time it’s offered.
This does not mean you get to give access to others in your circle – they will need to enrol and pay if they want to participate.
It does mean that if you can’t keep up with the 15 week pace, you’re welcome to re-enroll and participate fully again, and will always be invited back into the process.

I'm not ready to sign up yet. Can you send me updates?

Yes! Absolutely. You can click this link to sign up for updates. I’ll send you updates about Personal Mythmaking whenever I run it again.

Do you already know this is for you?

Great! It starts Monday February 19th, 2018, costs $997 CAD and runs for 15 weeks (+ a bonus memoir-building section afterwards)

(to find out what the estimated cost is in your currency, go to

Pay in full: $997 CAD

4 monthly payments of $249.25 CAD

6 monthly payments of $166.16 CAD

12 monthly payments of $83 CAD