I try to go for regular walks with my daughter, and prefer to be in nature. I find getting outside helps clear my mind, as well as burn off her energy, and keep us from getting on each other’s nerves.

We call our walks photo walks and both of us take our cameras – in my case it’s usually an iphone. No matter what the day or where we are, there is always a surprise or two once we put on our looking and noticing eyes.

Today was no exception. It was cool, but not too cold, and there was a very light snowfall, so light it was easy to miss.

droplets in water

This is a short little video I captured of the most beautiful experience that day – watching soft wet snow drop into a crystal clear pool of water beside the river. The pool was so clear you could not only see the green plants under the water, but also the bare branches of all the trees overarching the pool.

As you watch the video you’ll see it sort of shimmer – the ripples from the wet snow dropping in were so fast, and the pool settled so quickly. I loved the experience of watching the water and reflections visually dissolve and resolve as the droplets sent ripples through the stillness, while hearing the rush of the river alongside, and small bird sounds.

The beauty of the natural world makes me ache.