So, although it’s not one I feel is my best, I still felt like sharing this painting because of the story I have behind it.

I’m still working on mixed media, collage and text from Alena Hennessy’s A Year of Painting, and found it quite magical that the words came to me after seeing what appeared to be a bridge in the middle of my doodles.

Crossing bridges at the appropriate times feels like such a metaphor for my life in general. I’ve definitely been guilty of overthinking, worrying and analyzing things that haven’t happened yet, based on assumptions of how things have played out in the past. All of this has gotten me nowhere, of course, except into a pit of anxiousness and worry about what actually doesn’t exist. I imagine many of you can relate?

Life offers up many different ways to learn these lessons, and as I’ve been learning how to let go and overthink less, I’ve realized there is a great and deep wisdom contained in the saying “let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.” And then, it showed up to be added to my folksy little art experiment. I love the world that I don’t understand; the magic of synchronicity and cultural wisdom.