Here it is, another painting from my A Year of Painting online class with Alena Hennessy.

This was a lesson on using aquabord, free flowing water and ink, then covering parts of it over with acrylics and adding images and more intentional shapes and forms.

This painting turned into a surprising lesson on planning and unplanning. I both went with the flow and tried to plan, AND I had to take a 2 week break in order to complete it.

Even then, I had planned for 3 painted shark teeth with that most amazing House Of Cards quote “I love that woman more than sharks love blood” but the teeth had a mind of their own and turned instead into foxes.

I think it’s done, but boy, the temptation to keep adding and changing is pretty powerful isn’t it! Quite the lesson in learning to let go and stop. I chose to leave text out as one way of keeping it less busy.