a podcast for personal mythmakers

Created by mixing creativity + the body + fairytales + intuition with wild abandon. Potion making, in conversation with women.

I believe that when we connect with our bodies, creativity, deep inner knowing (intuition) and our cultural heritage (through enduring ancient stories like fairytales, mythology, folktales and more) we become fluid, free and wholehearted in our lives.
Through the lens of personal experience and conversation, these exchanges are always fascinating, engaging and inspiring.

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Episode #26 :: Selkie legends + Kristen Roderick

Today I’m chatting with Kristen Roderick, a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant who provides custom ceremonies & rituals, courses, women's circles, and transition consulting to women of all ages in the throes of major change through her business Spirit Moving Narrative...

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Episode #25 :: The Giving Tree + Caits Meissner

Today I’m chatting with Caits Meissner, a writer in New York City. I first encountered Caits’ work and perspective when I stumbled across a video interview of her, and was struck by her presence, articulateness and passion for not only her creative work but her...

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Episode #24 :: Maleficent + Cameron Airen

Today I’m chatting with Cameron Airen, a Feminist Creative, writer, Interviewer, Podcaster, Coach. She has a masters in Anthropology and Social Change, a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies, and is the host of the podcast and blog, Real Feminist Stories about "everyday"...

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Episode #22 :: Cinderella + Mary Ann Clements

Today I’m chatting with Mary Ann Clements, the founder of Jijaze: a community to support changemaking women, and co-host of the Change Making Women podcast. I really connected with Mary Ann when I discovered she had also studied Anthropology, and was equally as nerdy...

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Episode #21 :: Mulan + Zona Beloved Garrett

Today I’m chatting with Zona Beloved Garrett, a life coach who loves every client and business she’s worked with, and currently focuses on helping college students succeed. Mostly though, Zona is a delightful person who looks at limitations as challenges, faces her...

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Episode #20 :: Beauty and the Beast + Rachel Moore

Today I’m chatting with Rachel Moore, a Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern in San Diego California. Rachel focuses on helping writers, artists, and musicians overcome creative blocks and anxiety. We discussed themes of dark/light, above and below, and all...

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This is an ad-free self-produced podcast.

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