This weekend is a birthday weekend, for both my daughter and I.

So, I’m sharing some short and sweet little ideas and inspirations, including a fascinating and incredible woman. If you had millions, what would you do with yours? I like what she’s doing with hers!

Vanessa Selbst is my new hero.

A fashion historian explains why all fashion choices, even the super casual anti-fashion, are rooted in history, and why Americans dress so casually. Fascinating!

Some sweet and simple art.

I love hearing about what resonates for you, so please do let me know,


ps – It’s all about Connecting Through Touch.

Sunday October 25th – it’s a fantastic one-day workshop that I just love teaching. To be entirely selfish, the lightbulb moments I see in my students make it so worthwhile for me!

10am-5pm, downtown Duncan, BC
$145 Learn more here.

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