Hello there.

Over the past week I’ve been appreciating the crispness in the air, the cooler weather and an opportunity to wear sweaters more often. Autumn is my favourite season, and I especially love the Halloween feeling, as the nights get darker, and orangey colours predominate, of witches and witchy vibes.

So this is a short letter – I’ve got some good reading for you to enjoy this morning:

Shared by a friend and reader (you know who you are!) and too good not to keep on sharing it forward. A white male yogi’s beautifully considered perspective on how race and privilege benefit him, and how he chooses to be more aware.

Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat. Another fantastically written account of growing up poor.

I come from parents that grew up in poverty. I recall my childhood, and how tight money was for my very young parents and the four of us children. What seems romantic – living in a cabin out of town with no running water and electricity – also seems like hell, when I think of how isolated and overworked my young mom was, and the choices my dad had to make that took him away from us, as the sole financial provider.

Rupi Kaur is a young and very successful Canadian poet, of Indian ancestry. She writes beautifully of her experiences. Her first book, milk and honey, is here expressed as a short and soulful song.

And on that note, Rupi Kaur is taking her body back in this 18 minute TEDx talk.

Until next week,