Let’s begin with one free introductory session to spark transformation.

This is about softening into the center of your own life. Becoming unstoppable. Unstuck. Fluid.
It’s about accessing your grief, your anger and your physical sensations.
It’s about using that power to heal, to work through your creative projects, to rewrite your lifestory.

Your first session with me:

You’re smart, self-aware, open to inquiry and resourced to figure things out. I know you’ve got this.

This is me, saying to you, I see you. You’re almost there and I’ve got the next steps ready.

You tell your story, I listen. I’ll give you my undivided attention and then open up my tool pouch and pull out exactly what will be most useful for you. Depending on your situation, this could be embodiment practices, reading suggestions, creative writing or painting or meditative prompts, advice and intuitive guidance.

30 minutes. FREE.

We connect via video/skype.

I’m here to lead you into connected and wholehearted relationship with your body. Your creative fire. Your deep inner knowing.

I’m here to help you with the transformative work of writing your lifestories. Your memoirs.

What does it look like when we’re stuck and overwhelmed?

  • We mute our voice. Bite our words. Silence ourselves.
  • Our creative projects stall. We procrastinate. Avoid them. We don’t do them, but spend all our time overthinking them.
  • We get stuck in being ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’ (or judgemental and brittle). We defer to others. Place everyone into positions of authority over us.
  • We simultaneously don’t feel much, and overreact to everything. We feel overwhelmed, dragged down and despair nips at our heels.
  • We strive to be ‘perfect’ but can never quite get there.

What does it look like when we can’t connect with our bodies?

  • We feel constricted. Like we’re wearing a coat that’s 3 sizes too small.
  • We feel like we live in our heads, which floats along like a bubble over a mostly invisible body. The only time we feel anything in our bodies is when they hurt. Pain is the only language we allow in our physical selves.
  • We compare and criticize and mistreat our bodies.


What does it feel like when we’re blocked creatively?

  • We become frustrated. Boiling inside, like there’s a tamped down tornado whirling inside, with no release.
  • We lose our connection to our physical cycles, menstrual cycles, lunar cycles, yearly seasonal cycles.
  • We become unable to rest, instead, getting trapped in either overwhelm and envy, or deeply distressed busy-making and comparison-itis.

What does it look like when we deny our deep inner knowing (intuition)?

Danger. Fearfulness.Mistrust.

Doubt. Regret. Overwhelm.

Overthinking and rationalization.

What happens when we work through our big feelings, our creative block, when we unfreeze and melt?

  • We become joyous. Accepting. Free flowing.
  • Our bodies feel like home. Our creativity bursts forth. We’re in tune.
  • We become more resilient, flexible and at ease. We have solid boundaries, and great self-care. We never ever doubt that our intuition has our backs.
  • We become so fluid and free and light and happy that the world takes note.

How can I feel alive in my body, expressive in my creativity, and in tune with my inner voice?

  • By tuning in. We learn how by listening to our bodies. By feeling them. And their desires, their needs, their joy (this is so different that what the head tells you).
  • We learn by opening up to the creative life force within us. And letting it out. By creating and playing and connecting.
  • We learn to tune into that deep inner knowing by listening. Listening to the word and stories and experiences that arise individually, collectively, and in connection.

Is this possible?

Yes. A thousand times, yes!

All it takes is returning to the fire.

The simple secret is this: we are only ever returning to the state of grace granted us in this true and beautiful life.

Our bodies, our creative fire, our deep inner knowing have always been there, waiting for us to recognize them.

But I want more than one session!

So do I. A one-session catalyst is a great start, and sometimes it’s all you need.

However, I’m really into thoughtful deep committed processes, and I find big changes generally comes from committing to a longer term deepening process.