bring my art home to you

art for pleasure, art for your walls, art for your spirit

Writing and painting – these are some of the ways I stay in creative flow –  fluid, joyful, curious and happy.

Follow along on instagram with my current creative project: #100daysofwhatsunderneathpaintings.

These portraits are also available for purchase. Click here to learn more.

Devotional Paintings

There are always areas in our lives that are challenging. Things that need a little more attention, light and brightness.

Let me help you shine that light into what you’re needing support on.

Much like a community altar service, I use art to focus transformative energy, creating out of your intentions.

Prayer, intention and brushstrokes combine to provide unique intuitive guidance as I take your petition, meditate over it and then let the energy of intention, healing and flow guide the shape of the painting.

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