Hi! How has your weekend been so far?

Mine? I’ve just spent two weeks by myself. My daughter is up north with her grandmother, and my best friend is working out of town. So I’ve been taking the time to reconnect with myself by doing morning pages, meditation and a 9-day cleanse.

It feels really wholesome, which is why I went to a dance party last night and lost myself to the grooves of an African dance band under the dark blanket of country sky pinpricked by brilliant starlight.

Here are some links I thought you’d enjoy this morning:

I’ve seen Cris Derksen in person, and the music she creates is heart-stoppingly soulful. With this performance you’ll also see the Dakhka Kwaan and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in dancers performing with her onstage at the 2012 Dawson City Music Festival. Sublimely beautiful.

My darling friend Colin shared this woman’s work with me. Nina Wise. She hilariously deconstructs our internal dialogue in this 20 minute TEDx performance.

Slow art. One family photographed once a year in the same studio conditions. A quiet visual meditation on mood, style, connection, aging and mortality.

Thank you, a million times over! This man writes eloquently about why he won’t write for Huffington Post for free, and deconstructs how our economic system has led to creative folks (and most people) struggling, giving away their skills for free, while a select few grow wealthy. I pray that I will remember this the next time the offer of ‘you’ll get exposure but we can’t pay you’ comes my way.

Once again, I’m always curious. Let me know what you think.

Until next time,