Hello! How has your week been?

Mine has been pretty lovely. I even got a bit of a tan yesterday at my daughter’s school’s Mayfest – hot sun, maypole dancing and picnicing. It was pretty divine.

Here are some little bits and pieces for you to devour today, on the full moon. And for those of you who are interested, here is a great summary of what to expect for May, astrologically speaking. Imbedded in there is a primer for today, the full moon. Enjoy!

A super summary of some inspiring women artists over the age of 70.

A lovely little article about all season ocean swimming, and how good the hardy folks that do it feel.

A slightly creepy very athletic music video that combines two kinds of dance, film and music. In black and white.

Some beguiling and intricate wall mobiles and drawings for your pleasure.

I love hearing about what resonates for you, so please do let me know,


ps – I’m a quarter of the way through #the100dayproject – a 100 day instagram challenge coordinated by artist Elle Luna and creativity magazine The Great Discontent. I gave myself a daily art challenge of #100daysofmarkmaking – mostly watercolour and ink, and there are some real hits and misses. I think that’s kind of the point – to just keep showing up and sharing without getting overly critical of the results. You can follow my progress here.