How has your weekend been so far?

Mine? Well, we’re in a season of changes again – school starts for my daughter next week, and with that, a more regular schedule for myself. Adjusting to an earlier morning routine will be a challenge for both of us, but necessary.

Some links that are delighting me this week:

This fascinating woman – the smutty metaphor queen of Lawrence, Kansas.

Translucent blue shimmer over earth colours – this is beautiful.

Who would ever think the microscope would reveal how emotions change the shape of tears? A researcher gets curious…

More earth colours, this time with geometric patterns carved and painted into… houses. These Burkino Faso folks sure know how to make their homes beautiful.

Calligraphy texting. This totally delightful little article has been going around the interwebs. Give it a try. I have, even before I saw this article…

Let me know what you think, and until next time,