Sunday Morning Pleasures

letters from Janelle


You must have found your way here from The Secret Library Podcast.

In which case, thank you so much for listening to my conversation with Caroline. What a privilege to have captured your attention!

So, now that you’re here, let’s connect.

Most weeks I send out my Sunday Morning Pleasures, long stories (best enjoyed with tea, in a cosy chair looking out a window) filled with my honest perspective on life, creativity and the body, alternating with a peripatetic web roundup of interesting reads.

Mixed in amongst my stories I include some friendly prompts to get you more involved, learn more about your body, and engage with my work, with your world, in your very own phenomenal body.

I so appreciate long, personal and heartfelt stories that I actively seek them out. I find it feeds this deep rooted longing in my heart for connection, thoughtfulness and beauty.

Your Sunday Morning Pleasures continue to astound and delight, your writing is so beautiful – half poetic, half poignant, without an ounce of self pity or bravado.

Amelia K

You’ll get a window into my sometimes overly honest world.

You’ll get my stories before they are posted to my blog. But some of them are exclusive to the newsletter. And, since I’m an artist and teacher too, you’ll get little deals and first dibs on the offerings I create.

As for me? I get the beautiful blessing of sharing my vision, my words, my ideas with you, and the like-minded tribe of folks gathering around.


So that’s what I offer to you. 

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