Hello! How’s your weekend been so far? I’ve been building a bedframe with my friend and daughter. Well, he’s been designing and building it and we’ve been appreciating his efforts. Why? Well, because I want to have a bed for guests, and I find building and making is funner than buying.

I thought you might enjoy these web-links that have been catching my eye lately.

I’ve been dreaming of the freedom of the tiny-home lifestyle. And loving these beautiful Tumbleweed-style tiny homes.

This short little creative pep-talk is great. A good reminder to stick with things, especially as you’re trudging through the gap between having great ideas and mastering expressing those ideas well. Worth watching.

Dancing makes me Happy! Pharrell Williams combines both – check out the India version of his music video.

I confess, I love cemeteries. And I don’t even think it’s morbid. Death and joy go hand in hand, and this woman’s bright and vibrant paintings of cemeteries reflect that.

Speaking of Pharrell, his take on creativity is really inspiring. Check out this interview of him, on Q Radio with Jian Ghomeshi.

Until next time,