Virtual Assistant Services

administrative support so you can focus on shining

Hi! My name is Janelle, and I’ve got a great deal of experience in the world of administration, particularly online.

(You can see a longer list of my skills and experience at the end of this page.)

While I do have my own projects (as you can see from the whole of this website) I’ve currently got 20 hours per week in my schedule available to support 2 or 3 entrepreneurs who wish to step away from their virtual administrative duties, and devote more of their time to the services they’re offering.

Let’s connect with a free phone or skype chat, and see how I can help you. You can get in touch here.

These are my skills and services:

Client liaison

  • communicating with clients
  • booking clients
  • redirecting inquiries
  • follow-ups, thank yous and reminders

E-mail management

  • communicating with clients
  • managing your inbox/filtering
  • prioritizing inquiries


  • using newsletter services providers (MadMimi, etcetera)
  • writing newsletters
  • creating graphics for newsletters (Canva)
  • editing written content


  • booking appointments
  • managing schedule


  • coaching you on how to set up and maintain your own DIY podcast with as little stress and money as possible (you can see how I do mine here)
  • transcribing  and writing podcast show notes for posts
  • setting up Soundcloud podcast hosting (or other platforms)
  • linking to itunes
  • straightforward sound editing (Hindenberg Journalist software)
  • graphics for for podcast itunes, soundclound and social media (using Canva)
  • managing requests for interviews
  • approaching potential interviewees

Visual services and graphics

  • using your graphic standards style guide (if you have one) to keep your visual messaging consistent
  • create graphics for all blogging and social media needs (Canva)
  • File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc)
  • Creating Graphics using Canva

Writing, editing and communications (including blogs)

  • research for blog posts, newsletters and visually oriented social media such as Instagram
  • editing posts (I do not write your posts, but will happily polish your voice with my editing services)
  • creating blog posts (WordPress)
  • creating sales pages (WordPress)
  • following an existing communications strategy, or coming up with one in partnership with you. This is includes implementing said strategy.

Customized research/brainstorming

  • my two research based university degrees provide me with excellent research skills
  • any number of research tasks and goals are attainable
  • as needed, according to short, medium and long term plans and goals

Social media management

  • following a social media schedule and plan
  • facilitating/creating/administering facebook groups
  • arranging prescheduled posts
  • etcerera

Other services such as setting up Crowdfunding platforms, creating community-based Instagram challenges, Etsy listings/sites and more are available, let’s discuss.

My VA fees: $30/hour USD.

Please note: I only offer my services as a package, and I require payment every 2 weeks. We can come up with a weekly hourly plan, or a project package plan.

These are starting points for my ongoing services:

10 hours weekly: $300

15 hours weekly: $450

20 hours weekly: $600


Project bundles – as customized.

For these I require 25% payment upfront, the next 50% at the halfway point, and the remaining 25% upon completion.

For example: you have a large list of graphics you need created for use, it’ll take approx 60 hours, and you need it in 3 weeks. We discuss, I have the time to do it, so you sign up, and I complete the work in the timeframe as a one-off project.

My experience:

As well as being a self-employed person, both in person and online (which means I do all admin related to everything you experience, encounter and see on my website and behind the scenes), I’ve worked an exceptional amount of administrative support positions such as:

  • Arts Fund Administrator for the Arts Branch of the Yukon Government
  • Archival Research Assistant for the Yukon Archives
  • Administrative support staff for: Yukon Film Society, Arts Underground, Yukon Art Society, Yukon Learn, and more.

All of these positions required an attention to detail, organizational and time management skills, as well as an ability to work with, schedule and coordinate the flow of many different kinds of people, with clarity, kindness and confidentiality.

Furthermore, my training in anthropology and hands-on healing work means that I’m very attuned to cross-cultural communication, healthy boundaries, clear and assertive communication, and strive to stay away from assumptions and de-escalate agressive, reactive behaviour whenever it arises.