Let’s begin with one free introductory session to spark transformation.

20 minutes. FREE. Your first session with me:

You’re smart, self-aware, open to inquiry and resourced to figure things out. I know you’ve got this.

This is me, saying to you, I see you. You’re almost there and I’ve got the next steps ready.

You tell your story, I listen. I’ll give you my undivided attention and then open up my tool pouch and pull out exactly what will be most useful for you. Depending on your situation, this could be embodiment practices, reading suggestions, creative writing or painting or meditative prompts, advice and intuitive guidance.

You’ll finish the call with ideas, a plan and a sense of hope about yourself and your creative projects.

We connect via video/skype.

Learn more here.

Personal Mythmaking: an 11 week transformative memoir-writing course for curious and creative people

During our journey together we create an unwaveringly solid and powerful foundation of self-knowledge.

We nurture an awestruck, fluid and loving connection to our bodies.

We open a wellspring of creativity so meltingly passionate that by the end of the three months you’ll feel renewed, powerful and completely and wholly your own.

You’ll finish with enough material for the first draft of your memoir. Already written. With ease.

Honouring our experiences: 5 and 10-day intensives to deepen into the scary, the profound, the amazing.

These mini ecourses are designed for people that are ready to gather resources and face the challenging emotions they encounter in themselves.

Delivered by e-mail as self-paced lessons, intensives cover Grief, Anger, the Darkness and more.

Connecting In-Person: One-On-One and Workshops

Hands-on postural work

Experience the freedom that comes from excellent posture, great movement, and a pain-free body.

Using Hellerwork Structural Integration, I apply a combination of hands-on deep tissue massage (fascial release), movement lessons and body awareness to release restrictions and discomfort in your body, and set you on the path of ease and great posture.

Connecting Through Touch

This is a full day in-person workshop for groups and couples, designed to learn how to feel pleasure in your own hands, body and nervous system, how to touch other, how to communicate about touch, and how to ask for what you want, and state what you don’t want.

This work is all about consent, communication and boundaries. It’s gentle, profound and transformative.

I do this work in-person, and am willing to travel to teach. Just ask.


Artist/Creatives Residency Program

(please note – this program is currently on pause while I redesign the offering. To get on the notification list for when the residency program reopens, click here.)

I offer one emerging or professional artist/creative person at a time the live/work space to create, daydream, and dig in to their creative practice, while staying in my home and using my art studio.

This is a sweet little home based creation space, where you’re welcomed and enjoy family meals, yet have a great deal of solo creation time and the opportunity to live in and explore the stunning Okanagan Valley on the west coast of Canada.

Devotional Paintings

If you’re longing to be seen in a uniquely deeply profound and moving way, and you appreciate art and the slow-burn process of healing work, this is for you.

A devotional painting is creative magic imbued in a symbol-laden intuitive painting.

It’s art, made for you, with your most heartfelt intentions for shift and healing worked right into the art.

I meditate over your prayers and then I paint, bringing forth beauty and intuitive guidance just for you. Plus, your own original painting – this is the best part!