Janelle Hardy

artist, writer, body and soul worker

Hi! I’m so glad you clicked through from Sarah’s delightful Yes and Yes! website.

I’m Janelle, and I help people write their memoirs. You know. Your personal mythologies.

The stories you have about yourself and your vastly fascinating experiences. I’m not joking about this – I find everyone’s story amazing.

Because our life contains our stories, which become personal mythologies, and don’t we want those mythologies to be of service to us? Our longings? Our desires? Our hungers?

Since you’re new here, this is what I do.

I teach creative writing. I catalyze transformation.

Personal Mythmaking School happens twice a year. It’s a 3 month online memoir writing process which is deeply transformative and quite amazing. I promise. You can learn more here.

I also teach a variety of free short intensive workshops over the year. Things like honouring your anger, your grief, the darkness (leading up to winter solstice), being a ‘not sweet’ woman, and 4 days of outlining your memoir too. You can check those out here.

Your Sunday Morning Pleasures continue to astound and delight, your writing is so beautiful – half poetic, half poignant, without an ounce of self pity or bravado.

Amelia K

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