Janelle Hardy

A free PDF with 10 memoir-writing prompts for healing and transformation?

Memoir writing = personal transformation.

Because you get to choose the stories that define you.

I support creative, courageous, sensitive women + non-binary people in reclaiming their brilliance, vibrancy and strength via a transformation memoir-writing process called The Art of Personal Mythmaking.

We root down in order to rise up.

This is an uncommon process, joyful, deep and connected.


Janelle's creative perspective & her way of teaching is gentle, loving & honest.

Barclay Martin

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We heal and transform when we work with our personal mythologies instead of against them.

We shine when we drop the layers, restrictions and masks, and embody the wholeness that has always been within, waiting to be reclaimed.

This is what I believe:

We reclaim ourselves when we shed unwanted restrictions and layers of conditioning.

We reclaim our wholeheartedness when we embrace our life stories, reconnect with our bodies and tap into our creativity.

We reclaim our vibrancy when we root down and build a strong foundation of trust in ourselves.

Here’s how you can work with me:

The Art of Personal Mythmaking: rewrite your stories, reclaim yourself

Heal and transform while getting the first draft of your memoir written with ease.

Five months to explore your culture, your family, your relationship to your body, and to write creatively. In community.

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One-on-one support and guidance

Work with me one-on-one. These sessions are like a coaching, healing and creative advising service, all in one.

This is self-reclamation work, to assist you in reclaiming your brilliance, worthiness and vitality so you can truly thrive in the world without sacrificing yourself.

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