It’s episode #116 and I’m chatting with Juno Kim, an IMTA-certified mindfulness teacher and emotional well-being coach who has a deep passion for well-being, psychology, sociology and philosophy. 

I’m totally thrilled to say that Juno is a podcast guest I met in real life. This may not seem like something to get excited about, but for me, with so much of my work being online – both my teaching and my relationship building, it is indeed exciting! 

In early 2021, I’d moved to Vancouver and joined a local co-working space with a wellness focus. It was a 20 minute walk from where i was subletting, and I got into a great daily groove with my walk to the space. It was also in the middle of the pandemic, so it wasn’t busy. Everyone was pretty careful. And even with all of that, or maybe because of that, I started meeting some lovely people as refilled my coffee and water, and pulled out my lunch to eat at the common table.

Juno is one of my favourite people to run into, and, because they also offer a weekly meditation session combined with soundbath in Werklab’s wellness studio, I’ve had the great pleasure of being guided into a calmer melty state as well.

So, before we jump into our conversation, a little more about Juno.

Juno is largely known for their time as an in-demand chef, working with top brands and creatives to create unique and sensory dining experiences. 

After going through consecutive burnouts, Juno took a step back in 2018 to embark on a healing journey that continues to this day. 

Their journey touches into many different domains such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, ancient wisdom and social justice — this eclectic and interconnected mix informs Juno’s approach to all things. 

They’re now an IMTA-certified mindfulness teacher and emotional well-being coach, and aim to provide offerings centred around mindfulness through embodiment.

It was so lovely to connect with Juno, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in.


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