It’s episode #132 and I’m telling you a fairy tale, one that is often chosen by my Personal Mythmaking students.

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood, from the Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

And since it’s one that’s often chosen, I’m reading this classic version, but if the story resonates with you, I really encourage you to read and listen to a few different versions, and make the story your own.

I had fond memories of watching this story come to life on the stage of my daughter’s Grade 8 class. Each of her classmates stepped into their role, and my daughter relished the wildly wicked and lascivious version of the Wolf. 

What a delight to watch, a young woman getting a chance to step into the theatrical shoes of a predator, a ‘bad guy’, rather than be the prey (although, of course, someone else was in the role of prey, of Little Red).

Stick around after the story for some guidance on working with tales like this, and your personal stories, and then, to start your own personal mythmaking go to my website at to get started with my free on-demand workshop, Outline Your Memoir Using Fairy Tale and Myth as Your Guide.

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Episode Transcript – coming soon

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