It’s episode #143 and I’m chatting with Victoria Albina, Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. 

This was such a great conversation!

Victoria is intelligent, deep, knowledgeable and wise. 

We talked about how to identify when you’re defaulting to perfectionism and people-pleasing, what the term ‘somatics’ means to her, what tipping points are like (the shift from thinking your feelings to feeling your feelings) and got into the fun stuff – all the ‘nerditry and all the woo’.

More about Victoria: she coaches codependent folks socialized as women to stop feeling anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed, so they can have better relationships with their partners, parents, and themselves.

She does this because she knows this – she spent the first 30 years of her life stuck in codependent and perfectionist thinking. 

Being mean to herself, often without even realizing it. 

Demanding “perfection” from herself, not knowing that she was already perfect and worthy of love (just like you).

Victoria is also a Master Certified Life Coach, and trained with The Life Coach School, the best boutique program in the country. 

She’s a certified Breathwork Journey Meditation Facilitator, and she’s experienced, having worked in health and wellness internationally as well as in the US, for 20 years.

It was so lovely to connect with Victoria, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in.

Website:  Victoria Albina

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Episode Transcript – coming soon

(note: the transcript is autogenerated by AI and is about 85% accurate)