Today is a solo episode. I talk a fair bit about podcasting, the Wild Elixir Podcast, what I’ve learned, and what’s to come, most exciting of which is a namechange – to the Personal Mythmaking Podcast.

Check out the show notes below to get a sense of what I’m talking about in this episode.


Reciprocity & Appreciation

This is an ad-free self-produced podcast, and I’d love to hire people to do the editing and transcription, and eventually even be able to pay my guests.

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Things I chatted about in this episode:

My solo episode which goes over all the DIY details of how to create and run a podcast without knowing anything when you start: Episode 28.

What I’ve learned in 2.5 years of podcasting and interviewing:

  • what’s changed over that timeframe in my podcasting
  • my fascination with my 4 questions lingers
  • the importance of intention, open-hearted listening, the embarrassment of listening to myself in the editing process
  • learning and unlearning my assumptions
  • seeing some of my blindspots around inclusive language and making those changes
  • starting a Patreon page
  • asking for help and support

What’s to come:

  • lengthier interviews that integrate more of the person’s lifestory and work into the interview
  • a continued focus on bringing a wide range of voices to the podcast so that I’m not having conversations with too narrow a range of people
  • being of service – adding solo episodes to address topics of interest to my clients/ students and listeners around healing, memoir writing, creative writing, the creative process, embodiment and cultural heritage/ancient tales, as well as self-reclamation
  • a podcast name change from Wild Elixir Podcast to Personal Mythmaking with Janelle Hardy
  • a small break/sabbatical to regroup, committ to the changes and plan my new format