Today I’m chatting with Anna Holden, an intuitive, medical intuitive, sound healer and teacher. She shares her magic with sensitive souls and empaths, and has a truly fantastic podcast, the Soul of Sensitivity, as well as a free membership group, the Refuge for Sacred Rebellion.

I first met Anna in an online group, and we clicked, and because I’m also a sensitive type, I wandered over to her website and got sucked right in. Anna has an uncommon and wonderful combination of intuitive healing skills and trainings as well as a scientific background, which means that everything she discusses, speaks about and explores is deeply grounded in inquiry, research and curiosity.

Anna’s blog posts have taught me more about the psoas and nervous system (and I’m a bodyworker!) and her blog posts and podcast interview with her naturopath taught me about the foul experience of SIBO, which led to my finally getting diagnosed and getting treatment. For anyone with strange and intractable bloating and gut issues, this conversation with Anna will be useful – and I’ll include those links in the show notes.

Finally, Anna believes that the Earth is our guide, and with our feet firmly planted in the soil, we can tap into both the ecology of the land and the ecology of magic connected to it.

A lifelong student, she is currently learning the magic of her ancestors: northern shamanism and the runes. She’s generously giving listeners access to an amazing free gift – a 50+ page mini course called “Intuition Lives: a mini course on how to access and trust your intuition.” It’s a pdf document which you can access in the show notes of this podcast as well as on my Patreon page.

Enjoy our ramble through the Irish myth of The Children of Lir as well as Anna’s relationship with her body and creativity.

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Resources from this episode:

Anna’s Invaluable SIBO / IBS resources:

Anna’s personal SIBO healing process:

Anna’s interview with her SIBO Naturopath on the Soul of Sensitivity podcast:

 Anna’s article about IBS/SIBO & the psoas muscle:

Connecting with Anna:

Connecting with Janelle:

Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the Irish myth of the Children of Lir
  • animacy, connection with forest and spirits in the forest
  • the heroism of the young girl
  • perseverance, patience, heart and faith
  • intuition as a guide
  • sisterhood wounds


  • relationship with body
  • on not living everything about her body but also not feeling she HAS to love her body
  • body changes after having a baby
  • understanding how strong and resilient her body is
  • working on affection and appreciate of body


  • relationship with creativity
  • on trust and timing
  • writing
  • catching a seed of creativity
  • batch writing