It’s episode 65 and I’m chatting with Sophia Remolde, aka Lobsterbird, a hybrid mythical creature born to assist awakening beings to their fullest human potential.

Sophia guides spiritual creatives on pilgrimage so they can level up in their businesses, heal their lives, and change the world.

Among many things, Sophia is a wormhole coach, energy healer, and compassionate social activist.

She creates multimedia opportunities for changemakers to share their important messages of hope and healing with the world—as host of the illuminating podcast, Bridge to Being, and currently producing the Spirit TV Series, Modern Magic.

She is the two-time international bestselling author of “Phase Out: The Secret Guide to Finding Work That Frees Your Soul” and “Level Up: Power Practices for Spiritual Superabundance.”

Sophia has been traveling full-time for the past five years and would love to meet you somewhere in this sacred world.

It’s a funny story how she came to be on my podcast, because I’d never heard of her. However, a friend and former guest on the podcast, Jacquelyn Tierney, sent a sweet introductory e-mail to the both of us, certain we’d appreciate connecting, and she was so right.

And how here we are, chatting away like old friends.

We had an incredibly wide-ranging and lovely conversation, talking about Buddhist and her favourite Buddhist tale, being with no fixed address, being left-handed, creativity and doing so many different kinds of things, Sophia’s accidental pilgrimage, the place where she’s temporarily staying, as she continues to her 5 year nomadic lifestyle, and awakening experiences.

It was so fun to connect so deeply with Sophia, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in – as well as checking out her podcast too!

Enjoy our ramble through the Buddhist tale of Sky Dancer, aka The Secret Life of Yeshe Sogyal as well as Sophia’s relationship with her body and creativity.

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