It’s episode 68 and I’m chatting with Wendy May, a purpose guide, conscious-business coach, Enneagram teacher, human-experience designer and author of Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work.

She currently lives on the Thai island of Koh Pha Ngan.

We had an incredibly wide-ranging and lovely conversation, talking about the concept of enoughness, the sickness of modern life with it’s messages of scale or die, bigger is better, and how to claim what we want on a deep human level – the things that are already here.

We discuss body shame, yoga, tantra, dance and loving your feet. We also discussed celibacy in service of creativity, holding space for creativity, saying no often while writing her book, the role of the masculine and feminine energies in the creative process, the act of allowing and being available to creative flow. We also talked about devotion to a project, questioning and self-doubt.

Wendy started on her purpose path in 2015 after leaving a 15-year career in corporate leadership and organizational consulting. She’s the founder of a purpose-business that uses biodegradable glitter as a vehicle for ecological education.

Through her writing, speaking, private coaching, and group retreats, Wendy supports others in soul purpose alignment so that we can create a world of work that works for everyone.

It was so fun to connect so deeply with Wendy, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in.

Enjoy our ramble through the Brazilian folktale The Businessman and the Fisherman as well as Wendy’s relationship with her body and creativity

Connecting with Wendy:

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