Connecting with Janelle:

It’s episode 72  and this is a mini episode- a quick introduction to a special pandemic series on the Personal Mythmaking Podcast.

We’re going to dive right into some rich topics with skilled and experienced experts in their fields.

Starting with episode 72, we’ll talk to a retired organic farmer about food security, local and organic farming, and how to support food security in your own communities through gardening, community gardens, farmers markets, community supported agriculture boxes (aka CSAs.)

We’ll talk to an art therapist and counsellor about how our creativity can support our emotional and mental health, and how we can get creative without needing to spend much money.

We’ll talk to a healer about navigating sudden and drastic life changes. She’ll share a bit about how she did so as a young woman with a spinal cord injury, the importance of advocacy for self (as well as for those who need our support) and the kinds of things she’s found supportive on her own life path.

We’ll talk to an astrologer with more than 26 years experience doing astrological forecasts and readings (as well as wonderful tarot card readings) and hear, from her perspective, how astrology can be a support in understanding what is happening in our world, and in ourselves. (yes, even if you’re a sceptic.

And more!

In between each episode I’ll share a fairytale or myth related to the topic and person we just learned from. This’ll be fun. An episode for deep learning. An episode for ancient story wisdom.

I promise you, the conversations are rich, deep and wonderful.