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Personal Mythmaking Podcast’s special pandemic series

It’s episode 77 and I’m chatting with Ellen Brian, a Tarot Card reader and Astrologer from my hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

She’s run a tarot and astrology business 1994, but has studied Astrology formally and informally since 1977, and still considers herself to be a student of the art because she is constantly learning.

I invited Ellen on to the podcast because I’m a believing skeptic – I don’t know much about astrology, but when I have encountered knowledgeable people, like Ellen, I’m always astonished by how accurate their insights feel. In fact, Ellen is the first and only person I’ve gotten an astrological reading from!

Ellen took up her first Tarot deck in 1982, honing her skills through practice and research. She prefers to think of what she does as a calling rather than a gift because she believes that everyone is psychic, just using their skills in a different way.

She shared about how astrology is a tool for looking at how things are connected, to help you help yourself. We talked about how the universe is a giant clockwork, and the basics of how planets can be understood in astrology. Then she takes a peek at my natal chart and hers to explore and explain how the same astrological events can be experience very differently in individuals. That was fun and intriguing!

Ellen does readings with people in person and remotely via phone or Skype (contact details at the end of this conversation, and in the podcast shownotes!)

You’re going to get so much out of this conversation – so enjoy (and make sure to share it widely!)