Connecting with Isabel:

Connecting with Janelle:

It’s episode 83 and I’m chatting with Isabel Martin-Ventura, an author, conscious living coach, and energy healing practitioner. In Long Island, New York.

Isabel’s journey with energy healing began in 1997 when she discovered that there is an invisible, palpable force that could be directed and powerfully experienced.

This initiated a magnified curiosity and exploration of the human energy field, as well as a deep delving into her own spirituality. As time passed, Isabel’s spiritual gifts have unfolded, and she has become more intuitive and attuned not only to her own energy, but to that of others and beyond.

She continues to explore and share her understanding of the interconnection between mind, body, spirit, and all that is and helps individuals connect with themselves and the deeper, spiritual nature of life.

We talked about impossible loves, asking for help, and how we’re always dying and being reborn.

Isabel shared a pivotal decision – deciding to think less actively and giving up control. Being available to live instead.

On finding connection to her body through connecting to nature, how helpful gentle movement is, and how her creativity is channelled into automatic writing. How it’s a matter of just getting out of her own way.

It was so lovely to connect so deeply with Isabel, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in.

Enjoy our ramble through the story Through the Fire as well as Isabel’s relationship with her body and creativity.