Connecting with Camila:

Connecting with Janelle:

It’s episode 85 and I’m chatting with Camila Arguello, a mindset and alignment coach living in the Bay area of California, USA.

A graduate of Linfield College, Camila holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in International Relations with a focus on the intersection of romance, technology, and politics. Camila wrote the book “Swipeable: Avoid the 8 Mistakes Men Make on Dating Apps and Discover What Women Actually Want” while working on her senior thesis.

Camila and I had a delightful conversation, ranging from the idea of threads of energy and connection, to the struggle with the concept of fate and free will, and an acceptance that there are inexplicable forces in this world.

We also talked about our egos, how she defended her thesis and embarrassed her mother, and how she considers herself the brown Kurt Cobain (only getting into the creative zone when sad.)

Camila explored the power of questioning why she wasn’t seeking creativity when she felt joyful, and what it was like to write and self-publish a book.

She who works with high performers and achievement junkies on making soul-aligned decisions by diving deep into what makes them thrive, so of course we ended up exploring self-doubt, the painfulness of the editing process, and more.

Her mission is to explore the intersection of social issues, spirituality, and personal development. She is a proponent of having tough conversations and pursuing what lights you up.

When we got to the part of the podcast where we explore relationship with body, Camila shared how, from the age of 9 onwards, she had a sensation of not looking right, and how being in a white fair-skinned school, it was difficult to accept herself as being not-white, hairy and barrel chested, due to a high altitude birth.

Although she describes her relationship to her body as an angry emoji, Camila has weathered an eating disorder and is in recovery, becoming more kind and less stringent to her body.

She is also certified in Success and Life coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the Quantum Ripple Effect Methodology, and clinical hypnotherapy.

It was so lovely to connect so deeply with Camila, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in.

Enjoy our ramble through her chosen tale as well as her relationship with her body and creativity.