with your host Janelle Hardy

Welcome to the Personal Mythmaking Podcast.

I believe that honest conversations of depth are good medicine – they’re the antidote to feeling alone with personal challenges that are more appropriately situated in cultural, societal and historical contexts.

I believe these conversations can be catalysts for learning, growth and communion.

These potent conversations are created by mixing creativity + the body + fairytales + conversation with wild abandon.

Join me as I ask my female and non-binary guests the same four questions:

  • Whose traditional (Indigenous) territory are you on?
  • What’s your favourite fairytale/ancient tale?
  • What’s your relationship with your body like?
  • And what’s your connection to your creativity?

Through the lens of personal experience and conversation, these exchanges are always fascinating, engaging and inspiring.

People in conversation about the things that shape them – these are conversations that matter – personal, transformative and honest.

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