It has been such a while since I have written, despite my best intentions.

And each time I’ve made a plan to sit down and write another letter, get back into the rhythm of things, I’ve hit stopping points.

I wonder if I have anything at all to say. Anything that would feed your spirit and lift you up.

Then, I have so much to say, but it all feels so raw and tearful that I don’t want to pour it out and send it your way.

I’ve been going through a wintery phase of growth and re-evaluation, and amidst the whiplash between the two fears – that I either don’t have enough to say or that I have so much to say it’ll overwhelm, I’ve chosen the silence of cocoons instead.

I’ve almost emerged.

And in the meantime, one of my biggest self-confessions (that I’m simply not a ‘chill’ person)  led to realizing that I really miss being surrounded by passionate creative folks. This has propelled me to create a small showcase of dance in the Cowichan Valley.

The Bare Bones dance show. March 5th, 2016.

For now, I’m so pleased to share this creation (and yes, I’ll be dancing as well).

For the future, I’m pleased to say I’ll be writing more regularly and steadily.

With that, I’ll serve you up the details of this luscious dance show, and reconnect soon.

Happy New Year (one month in)!