Book & Writing Coaching

one-on-one support for your big, creative, ambitious visions

Your vision is remarkable.

Your creative work is necessary.
You have deadlines looming.
Yet you’re stuck in a DIY funk.
Writing but also avoiding writing, questioning yourself, and short-changing your stories.

You know you need support.

A writing and book coach. But not just anyone.
You want someone grounded in the creative process and it’s interrelationship with the somatic. The embodied. The corporeal.
You want someone who’s apprenticed to story. To archetypal depth. Someone interested in the soul of your work.
Someone who will say “this isn’t it. Go deeper.”
Someone who will also say “yes! This is it! Stay with this!”
You want that steady, divine and tenderly fierce push from a seeasoned guide. One who can see and hold your big creative vision when you get lost in the weeds.
You want someone who can keep reorienting you to the vision that’s been so hard to stay committed to when success and opportunity and all the pressures to ‘make sense’ have come knocking and threaten to pull you out of the great and sublime mysteries of your work.

Hi. I’m glad you’re here.

You’ve found me, and you’re interested in getting support to realize your culture-changing and, frankly, wonderful creative visions.

  • This book.
  • This memoir.
  • This collection of essays.
  • This memoir-heavy prescriptive non-fiction book.
  • Or this innovative writing plan that could benefit from a skilled eye and clear, kind guidance.

It can be a book you want help with.

But it doesn’t just have to be a book. It could be a well-crafted yearlong series of e-mails, blog posts, substack articles, IG memoir photo essayettes (or whatever other alternative form of writing and storytelling you have in mind).

After working with me people often say things like:

  • I’m crying I feel so seen.
  • You’ve helped me make a plan that works for my creativity, my brain and my life’s demands.

The Details

We start with a 30-minute exploratory call to see if my work and your project and vision are a good fit.

If yes, an onboarding process and up to 2-hour project strategizing session.

From there, we enter into a a rhythm of:

  • Three monthly 75-minute sessions

  • Sessions will include visioning, brainstorming, clarifying, planning and accountability
  • This is customized to your projects and needs, and may include strategy, exploring and organizing your manuscript, setting up accountability structures and schedules, and more
  • ¬†Up to 20 minutes per week of connection via voice app for support (between Monday and Friday, excluding Canadian holidays)
  • Feedback on up to 3,000 words of writing every two weeks


$1,555 USD per month (or $2,100 CAD per month)

  • Depending on the scope of your project, we’ll commit to a package of either 6 months: $9,330 USD (non-Americans can choose to pay $12,600 (CAD))

  • 10 months: $15,555 USD ($21,000 (CAD))

  • Payment plans available

This is creative magic.

Getting started

People that work with me feel seen, honoured and held in supportive structures, while also deep in creative flow.

I only work this way with four people per year.

If you’re interested, let’s chat about working together.

Send me a message via my contact form or e-mail directly (subject line: WRITING COACHING INQUIRY) and we can set up a time to talk.


What I bring to you:

Deep experience, intimacy and skill in envisioning, planning and doing enormous creative projects in a variety of artistic disciplines.

Writing. Visual Arts (painting and photography). Dance (choreography, performance and production). Entrepreneurship. And then bringing those visions into the world and onto stages/galleries/publications. All as a solo parent single mother.

Experience teaching writing and critical thinking skills.

English Literature and Writing Tutoring at Yukon College. Arts and Ideas at York University. The craft of writing and memoir-writing in my own business.

Depth and trained skills in the somatic, embodied processes.

With over 15 years experience supporting hands-on healing and alignment through fascial release, nervous system regulation and trauma-healing, I track my clients’ physicality as well as my clients’ words and stories. This supports the integrative work necessary to stay connected to and working on your creative projects.

An eye for story, and the deeper mythic narratives you’re working with.

Over 9 years experience taking students through an innovative memoir-writing process that includes partnering with an ancient tale (like fairy tale or myth), as well as teaching at colleges and universities.

I grew up around story and storytellers, attending the Yukon International Storytelling Festival, coaching tellers on my podcast and in my Art of Personal Mythmaking course, and taking ongoing courses in storycraft.