You’re in! 

But hang on, you just have a couple more steps…

To make sure you access course details for:

Write Your Life Stories, Heal Your Past

Step 1:

Check your e-mail and look for jaha @ (don’t forget to check your spam, junk and promotions folders and tabs in case it landed there.)

Look for this subject line: Welcome + Overview {Write Your Life Stories, Heal Your Past}

Step 2:

Take time to orient yourself by reading the entire welcome e-mail. Most of your questions will be answered inside that e-mail.

Step 3:

Look for a separate e-mail inviting you into the course. It’ll be coming from ‘The Art of Personal Mythmaking’ at this e-mail address: receipts @

Click the link at the bottom of that e-mail and get yourself logged in!

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Janelle Hardy

“Janelle’s writing process, with focus on embodiment, has been important healing work for me.

Her leadership is quiet and compassionate. Her writing process is gentle and healing.

She offers an abundant banquet and lets me choose what to try. She encourages me to go at my own pace, including information about resistance so that I don’t get stuck.”

Lisa B.

Colorado Springs